Cluaran Historical Interpretation Project

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Online Storytelling

When the Scotland went into lockdown, Cluaran went online.

We have created the atmosphere of a longhouse online. We have used this as a venue for lovers of stories to gather and listen to stories every month. As well as the resident storytellers, Cathbad and Olaf, we have invited a collection of guests to tell their tales.

Summer Holiday 

Our storytellers are touring Scotland telling stories live at the moment. Some of them are even gathering in physical longhouses as they open up. Otherwise an outdoor life, cooking over campfires and sailing is an excellent way to refresh the telling of tales. We will be back with somethings when the winter closes in - These are strange times though, so always expect surprises!

Iron Age/ Roman

Before Scotland was Scotland. We explore the roots of the people who have contributed to the country Scotland is today.


Nestled Between Hills and the Solway, Dumfries and Galloway shares a lot in Common with Norway and other Scandanavian countries. We find out how the sea links those that travel by boat.


From St Nininian to the present day, there has been a monastic presence in these Islands. We use this as a mirror within which people can sense spirituality and find time to reflect.


Whether it is the building of castles and the wars of independance, or the transformation of the kingdom of the isles into Gallowglass warriors you are interested in - we can bring the stories to life!